The statistics in 2020 displayed a significant increase in the volume of offensive cyber activities worldwide. Moreover, GMC has identified that the number of DDoS oriented attacks is growing and is becoming the preferred method of attack, as companies become much more reliant on their digital platforms to conduct business. This means that, if successful, a DDoS attack has direct impact on company’s operations and financial performance.

Current data shows most DDoS attacks are increasing in power and using multi-vector attacks more frequently.

Most companies invest effort and money in technology and procedures in order to mitigate a DDoS attack. However, these countermeasures may fail at the critical moment due to inappropriate configuration and gaps in policies.

Our platform offers a broad range of DDoS attack types that can be conducted in an automated and controlled manner. The objective of the platform is to identify the weak points and vulnerabilities in the client’s infrastructure by stress testing it using a variety of attack methods. This approach allows the client to mitigate its cyber risk exposure and take corrective action to be able to withstand potential DDoS attacks against its sensitive and strategic assets.

Maximize the ROI on DDoS mitigation.

Our platform fits most types of organizations that consume or deliver DDoS Simulation services.

The platform simulates real DDoS attacks using clear and simple web interface, in a controlled manner.

  • Simulate real DDoS attacks
  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI
  • Run generic and custom-made attacks
  • Over 20,000 attack bots
  • Over 400 Gbps volumetric attack
  • Over 20 out-of-the-box attack types
  • In-depth real time reporting and logging capabilities
  • Safety Mechanisms.

Access to the platform includes the following out of the box services and capabilities

Attack Types

  • Volumetric Attacks. SYN flood, TCP & UDP flood (all variations), Amplification attacks
  • Application Attacks. HTTP/S flood (all variations), Search Flood, Login Flood
  • Infrastructure attacks. SSL exhaustion attacks, TCP connection Flood

Attack types are constantly added by the research team.


The team will provide on-going support for platform related cases.

The DDoS simulation platform fits most types of organizations that consume or deliver DDoS Simulation services.


The process of tenant configuration, user’s creation of accounts, and training of the users to use the system.

Professional Services

Assistance from DDoS professionals in a wide range or areas such as:

  • Assistance in building DDoS Resilience plan
  • Assistance in reading and understanding the results of the simulation
  • Creation of custom attack types

Custom Attacks

DDoS Attack types tailored for specific organization’s application or infrastructure. Mainly used for specific business logic cases.

Managed Service

The platform can be delivered as a managed service in conjunction with GMC’s partners or by GMC itself.

Contact us to schedule a demo and experience first hand the capabilities of DDoS simulation platform, that can help you improve your organization’s resiliency to DDoS attacks.