Learn how to manage security incidents with rapid, strategic decisions as trained by experts

You can prepare for a cybersecurity incident through technical solutions and security controls, but you considered your ability to react quickly with strategic decisions. Incident management experience is crucial to enhancing your business’s readiness cyber-attacks. GMC have conducted real table top simulations with clients across the world in order to find and mitigate risks in their security. Through that experience, we are uniquely equipped to train your management staff in the skills they need.

What GMC’s Table Top Drill Training experts can teach your business

In order to simulate an attack effectively, every possible angle must be covered. That means that managers must also consider every angle when learning how to deal with them, including what workflows might be impacted, what communication channels to use, and so on.

We are confident that our tailored training sessions, as described below and carried out by Comsec’s team of experts, will help to improve and maintain a high degree of security for your organization’s needs.


  • Preparation
    • Scoping
      • Organizational Structure
      • Threat Map of the Organization
      • IT Structure
      • Management Structure
      • Goal & Targets of the Training
      • Players
    • Scenarios definition
    • Arrangements & logistics
  • Simulation
    • Introduction
    • Simulation
    • Initial analysis & presentation
  • Reporting
    • Summary
    • Conclusions
    • Recommendations

Over 20 years of cybersecurity experience

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