Learn how to harden your security through greater awareness

More than 70% of security incidents occur from within the organization. Authorized users that have IDs and passwords are actually the largest risk to a company, as they can alter, delete or share sensitive, internal information.

Security technologies do not provide an ultimate solution against these security threats, which is the reason why a Security Awareness Program is a substantial part of any organization’s information security strategy, in addition to being a crucial part of compliance to various information security standards and regulations.

What GMC’s Security Awareness Training experts can teach your business

The security awareness training for employees includes expert insights on the very latest security threats and trends. All educational material is developed using recent case studies and examples, then tailored to your specific business as follows:

Main topics: An interactive theoretical lecture. Length: 1.5 hours

  1. Case studies of worldwide cyber attacks
  2. Introduction to Information Security
  3. Identification and treatment of sensitive information
  4. Physical security
  5. Passwords & Authentication
  6. Safe usage of the computer and Internet from office & home
  7. Mobile security handling – potentially unwanted applications, passwords, private information
  8. Safe usage of email communications
  9. Information security awareness and alertness.

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