Protect your cloud environments from costly cyberattacks

Most businesses employ a cloud-based platform for public or private use due to cost-effective and flexible advantages over on-premise solutions. However, online data both in storage and in motion are susceptible to cyberattacks that could cost your business thousands of dollars in damages, reputational harm, and regulatory consequences.

Cloud environments come with their own set of unique security features and environment complexities. That’s why GMC have a dedicated team of cloud security experts who specialize in many industries and technologies and can help you to:

  • Protect your sensitive data both in storage and in motion
  • Prevent your environment from costly and damaging cyberattacks
  • Ensure regulatory compliance for your specific industry.

How GMC’s Cloud Security experts help your business

Our experts have been assessing cloud security across multiple industries since the platform’s conception many years ago.

Our team conduct a multi-angle review of your cloud platform, taking into consideration business needs and compliance requirements. The assessment has two phases:

  1. Our experts begin with a Cloud Architecture review which involves interviews with key personnel in your organization to walk through any existing design documents. During this phase, we will identify and document any architecture and design security issues. The resulting recommendations will outline solutions for any security gaps found, lacking security controls, and additional security risks found in your cloud environment.
  2. The second phase is a Cloud Hardening Review. This phase includes a hands-on security review in order to reveal security risks found in your cloud or cloud-service configurations. Our team uses a hybrid of standardized and tailor-made tests to create a detailed technical report with specific recommendations to resolve any risks or enhance the security level of your cloud environment.

Over 20 years of cybersecurity experience

  • GMC is trusted by over 1,000 clients
  • Our international offices ensure quick response times, any day of the week
  • Work with enterprise-level, certified professionals with top-tier credentials
  • Find solutions quickly based on gold-standard cybersecurity expertise.

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