Build tough web applications with custom-made security testing methodologies

Web applications could be the lifeline of your business, so it’s important that they’re resilient to vulnerabilities. However, most organizations don’t have the right resources to discover and address vulnerabilities, which can endanger application data alongside other assets on the network.

With the number of possible threats continuing to grow and become more complex, only the most mature methodologies will achieve a thorough security test. Get started with our web application security test to:

  • Protect your customers’ sensitive data
  • Ensure compliance with all privacy and security regulations
  • Save your business from expensive and damaging downtime
  • Prevent costly updates and fixes at the end of development cycles.

How GMC’s Web Application Security Testing experts help your business

  1. We’ll work with you to identify key risks to the web application in almost any framework from monolithic, server-side middleware systems to JavaSCript Single Page Applications
  2. Potential scenarios are considered based on probability and risk, taking into account aggravating and mitigating factors
  3. We’ll run through mature testing methodologies following industry-standards such as the OWASP Testing Guide, including customized tests based on your specific circumstances
  4. Unique “proof of concept” exploits will be created for each vulnerability to demonstrate the potential business impact
  5. A final report is fully documented, then quality reviewed before walking you through the details and recommendations – including guidance on how to become more secure.

Get started with your Web Application Security experts today

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  • Find solutions quickly based on gold-standard cybersecurity expertise

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