Improve your overall security standards with GMC’s dedicated ISO 27001 certification team

If your business holds important information such as bank accounts, credit cards, healthcare, defense or similar, you may benefit from implementing ISO 27001 standard which provides best practice guidance for protecting the security, confidentiality, and integrity of your information. The standard sets a framework for managing information security in a more pragmatic and efficient manner, known as an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

GMC’s dedicated ISO 2700x series compliance team has refined their process for helping businesses like yours achieve the standard by combining years of organization experience with best-in-class technical implementation. With us, you can become ISO 27001 certified to:

  • Help to support other compliance measures with foundational information security, therefore saving future costs
  • Reduce the likelihood of costly prosecutions or damaging brand reputation related to information security issues
  • Secure new supplier relations or meet RFP/RFI requirements through a certified status which demonstrates credibility and trust
  • Improves your ability to recover your operations in the case of a breach, and continue business as quickly
  • Improves overall data management and the internal organization around it

How GMC’s ISO 2700x Compliance experts help your business

In just 4-6 months, our team can help you become ISO 27001 certified. Our combination of organization and technical experience can help us move swiftly through the 7 management requirements and 14 control objectives as defined by the ISMS.

  1. Project Planning & Preparation. Our team will gain a full understanding of your business through key personnel interviews with business-oriented staff and technical staff. Through this, we’ll evaluate the information needed to scope the ISMS requirements and an estimated timeline
  2. Information Gathering. We then dig deeper with an in-depth understanding of the organization’s current information security environment, infrastructure and processes. This may involve reviews of documentation and technology stacks.
  3. Information Analysis. We will evaluate the gap between the organization’s current information security status and the ISO 27001 requirements. During this phase, we will build an asset mapping registry to include inventory, ownership, acceptable use and returning of assets. We will also perform a risk assessment to determine the loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of information.
  4. Deliverables Development. This phase involves developing the ISO 27001 gap analysis report. The report will clarify the organization’s current state of security, and set a recommended risk mitigation plan to help it reach its goals.
  5. Execution. Our team will execute a risk mitigation program to determine the controls that are necessary going forward, plus we will formulate a set of required policies and procedures to support the ISMS.
  6. Finalization and Certification. We then produce an SOA (Statement of Applicability), plus a registry of all controls stating the level of compliance to each control in the ISO27001 standard and in any other set of controls. From here, we will help you with the final audit assistance and certification.

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