Avoid costly financial penalties and brand damage with GMC’s dedicated GDPR compliance team

Complying with the strict regulations of GDPR can be daunting. Legal teams may be able to tell you which regulations apply to you, but lack the technical implementation skills. Similarly, some cybersecurity experts know the technical implementation, but not the legal side. GMC’s consultants have been trained specifically in both legal knowledge and technical expertise, so you can:

  • Avoid the consequences of not meeting GDPR standards including these fines and damaging brand reputation. Incompliance to the GDPR regulation might cost a lot of money.
  • Understand exactly which GDPR regulations apply to your specific business or industry, followed by technical implementation by the same team — nothing missed or lost in translation

How GMC’s GDPR Readiness experts help your business:

With our guidance, your organization will be able to identify, organize and manage all assets, processes and procedures in order to comply with GDPR in the cost effective manner. The full process can take between 3 to 4 months, and spans:

  1. Clarify the GDPR requirements for your organization’s specific business needs
  2. Detail a comprehensive registry of all core business assets
  3. Define personal data threats and vulnerabilities for each asset through a DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment)
  4. Analyze a gap registry of incompatibilities as per GDPR regulations, plus a plan to mitigate or solve each of them
  5. At this point, we may adjust or supply supporting policies to ensure your organization continues to meet GDPR compliance
  6. You will also receive a report which outlines your organization’s status at the time of assessment
  7. We may also implement employee training and awareness, depending on the results

Over 20 years of cybersecurity experience

  • GMC is trusted by over 1,000 clients
  • Our international offices ensure quick response times, any day of the week
  • Work with enterprise-level, certified professionals with top-tier credentials
  • Find solutions quickly based on gold-standard cybersecurity expertise

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