Reveal security gaps with best-in-class, real attack teams armed with experience and creative strategies

Identify gaps in your organization’s security with an offensive strategy against almost every component. Relying on simple security solutions, basic penetration tests, and the latest headlines about new threats is not enough. Instead, simulating a real hack attempt through Red Teams can reveal vulnerabilities across the full spectrum of cybersecurity to help you make more informed decisions. GMC offers a unique approach to Red Teaming offensive services by many years of proven experience with a team specializing in intelligence gathering, infiltration, and attack techniques. When real hackers have to overcome the latest security solutions, our team stays one step ahead by attacking them in a safe and controlled manner. Work with GMC to:

  • Gain a holistic overview of security. While the traditional approach to Red Teaming only focuses on the technical aspects of cybersecurity, GMC methodologies are renowned for also analyzing business-level threats, legal risks, and wider perspectives in security to craft a unique and all-encompassing cybersecurity image for you.
  • Identify the most relevant cybersecurity threats to your specific business through tailor-made attacks against current security solutions, infrastructure, applications, systems, networks, processes, and people (if needed)
  • Minimize and manage any identified risks through pragmatic insights and recommendations
  • Improve your future ability to react to threats through updated processes, policies, and training
  • Use the skillset of a full-transparency, real experienced hacking team of professional, creative minds.

How GMC’s Red Team Cyber Attack Simulation experts help your business:

GMC’s Red Team engages controlled cyber-attacks against your business with a goal to breach the perimeter, gain control over predefined marks (including Lateral Network Movement across and up the organization’s security levels) and exfiltrate them (called Capture the Flag) in a safe and controlled manner. Through this established process, they will demonstrate how vulnerabilities from technology to employee awareness can impact your business.

Our research and exercises are conducted based on a predetermined attack profile which spans four different levels of attack, each with their own limitations and techniques:

  1. An anonymous attacker who only needs the cheapest possible access attempts to access systems using open-source software. The attacker will be looking for standard vulnerabilities that can be implemented quickly on many servers at once.
  2. A novice hacker where a limited budget is available to gain access to your networks. The attacker will focus more on a specific target with a narrow, focused goal.
  3. A professional hacker who works alone, but has professional resources and knowledge to deploy their own exploits against your organization. Specific techniques such as Social Engineering attacks are used to achieve their goals.
  4. The hacker-for-hire – multiple hackers are hired to try and breach the external perimeter. The greater the value of the hack, the more resources are used during the attack.

The Red Team services are able to cater for any of the attack stages depending on your specific business needs.

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