Global Management Consulting provides consulting expertise for internal auditing training for your organization to maintain ISO certification. Companies that get ISO certification are required to perform an internal audit to review the way the operations are being followed and managed on an annual basis. This ensures not only the company is compliant with ISO requirements to maintain certification, but also the company’s goals and objectives are being met for constant improvement. Management typically should ensure the audits are done correctly and effectively without errors. Planning the audit schedule, process and a checklist of items to be reviewed and shared with management with follow up procedures result in meeting customers expectations and ISO compliance.

Audit health check questions

  • How effective is your organization with maintaining internal audits for ISO requirements, customers and suppliers?
  • Have you failed ISO/Supplier/audits which has resulted in customer dissatisfaction?
  • Has your company management representative for internal audits been trained effectively? With knowledge & understanding ISO & internal objectives & requirements?
  • Does management have access and often do they receive an internal audit report?
  • Does the audit report need to be adjusted or updated?
  • Has your organization had turn over and needs to have training provided to maintain the internal audit?

Global Management Consulting provides consulting expertise for internal audit training for your organization to maintain ISO certification. Our consultants schedule to specific time with designated employees Onsite or Online to provide best practices ISO Internal Audit training.

Global Management Consulting Internal Audit Training

  • Consultants meet with management to outline company objectives and resolve failures in audits;
  • Outlined agenda with internal audit gaps to ISO compliance, & company goals, objectives;
  • Management representative training in ISO requirements & business goals & objectives;
  • Internal audit training manual with (compliance scores that will help identify weaknesses and overall compliance);
  • Certificate of internal audit completion.

Outsource Internal Auditing

We manage the internal audit requirements to ensure your company maintains ISO certification. We can perform this annually onsite or online in using our ISO audit training expertise. Auditors will be appropriately qualified, trained, and carefully selected for their audit skill and customer, business, and benefit focus!

Benefits of outsourcing ISO Internal Audit

  • Save time, internal resources and money by having an expert work for you;
  • Benefit of having an outsider / independent view of the organization and the opportunity to bounce business ideas off a qualified business person;
  • Audit reports will be helpful, easy to read and understand;
  • Auditors will follow up on previous audit results at their next visit;
  • Our Auditors will be approachable and helpful.