Global Management Consulting has extensive experience in providing ISO consulting services for all the ISO standards. We have developed a method that cuts through the extra weight of other manuals and delivers an ISO management system from scratch that really makes life easier, and makes compliance with standards sustainable for your long-term growth.

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Certification Preparation–our consultants build ISO management systems by gather your current successful business practices & blending them with ISO requirements. We provide Audit training, documentation templates and educate your organization on best practices.

Document Review – Global Management Consulting will review your documents against the ISO standard with one of our Subject Matter Expert’s to ensure compliance. Some organizations are almost ready for standards certification in regards to documentation and level of implementation. Perhaps the organization is confident they are almost ready because they have only recently lost their certification or they have a mature, well documented system that was built to the relevant compliance standards.

Philosophy ISO Certification

Our philosophy and approach in getting ISO Certification:

  • Keep it Simple. This means that documents, records and other ISO certification processes should fit your business. Bigger is not necessarily better.
  • Adding Business Value. ISO certification should help you serve your customers better, with fewer disruptions and greater efficiency, and provide an outstanding return-on-investment and long-term sustainability.
  • Never Do Anything Just to Please an Auditor. When the focus is primarily on passing the audit, your opportunity to achieve real improvement can be lost. ISO certification is much more than just hanging a certificate in your lobby.

ISO Implementation & Training

Our consultants provide ISO implementation & training to all levels of staff from management to the production line employee. The training can be performed online through webinars or performed in-house and uses your company operations as the basis of the program. We provide templates for each ISO standard for best practices & materials, in providing a certificate of attendance will be given to all attendees meeting the requirements of the ISO standards.

Our consultants focus on Continuous improvement and Sustainability to ensure ISO certification is more than a certificate but built into your organization work flow and day to day operations long term!

Guarantee Certification

To ensure that your organization will get ISO certification, our consultants will stay on throughout the process to the audit. We guarantee your company will get certified with the promise to resolve any findings in the ISO management system, for quick resolution for ISO certification.

ISO Standards

Global Management Consulting has expertise in the following ISO standards:

ISO 9001:2015 –Quality Management Systems
ISO 14001:2015–Environmental Management Systems
ISO/IEC 20000-1–Information Technology Service Management 
ISO/IEC 27001:2013–Information Technology Security Management